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Decolonizing Contemporary Paganism

Colonization – the action of appropriating a place or domain for one’s own use. – Google and Oxford Languages I’m angry, and I’m saddened. I have experienced what appears to be a growing sense of entitlement in contemporary Pagan circles lately. Perhaps it has always been there, hiding under the surface, but it seems toContinue reading “Decolonizing Contemporary Paganism”

Should You Join A Druid Order?

Should I join a Druid group/Order/organization? It’s a question I’ve seen popping up around various Druid oriented groups on social media. This is usually met by some typical response demonizing Druid organizations as being strict, greedy, and forceful with their beliefs, controlling, snobbish, etc. by individuals who even say they are not a part ofContinue reading “Should You Join A Druid Order?”

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