Decolonizing Contemporary Paganism

Colonization – the action of appropriating a place or domain for one’s own use. – Google and Oxford Languages I’m angry, and I’m saddened. I have experienced what appears to be a growing sense of entitlement in contemporary Pagan circles lately. Perhaps it has always been there, hiding under the surface, but it seems toContinue reading “Decolonizing Contemporary Paganism”

The Names of the 100 People to Shift Our Personal Responsibility On

I will assume by now most people have probably seen the article floating around social media about the “100 People Responsible for Killing the Earth” from the blog here. They talk about how it’s a myth that we can have more impact on our environment as individuals and that the only way to fix itContinue reading “The Names of the 100 People to Shift Our Personal Responsibility On”

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